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Scope of quality assurance of CHINA PVC VINYL

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Primary coverage :PVC floor warranty is suitable for home PVC floor and commercial PVC floor, and is only effective for the initial buyer of the floor. Term of validity The validity of the warranty will be based on the specifications, quality and use of the

PVC floor warranty is suitable for home PVC floor and commercial PVC floor, and is only effective for the initial buyer of the floor.
Term of validity
The validity of the warranty will be based on the specifications, quality and use of the product. The date of purchase on the invoice is deemed to be the effective date of the warranty. An invoice is required when a warranty claims are claimed, and the product code, color, specification and product range should be included.
Coverage range
This warranty is only applicable to the home floor and commercial floor products of the PVC floor. The following is the warranty: if the product has obvious physical defects, such as appearance defects, structural defects, stains, strong glossiness differences between boards, etc. Before installation, these questions should be told to the general company or retailer. This claim is not within the scope of warranty, if the problem is cut or installed after a claim. The following products are not in the scope of warranty:
- products have been discontinued or eliminated.
• do not comply with installation instructions to execute installation, wrong installation resulting in damaged products.
Storage of products in unsuitable environments, improper handling of products or application of products in unsuitable areas, such as busy business areas.
Product quality problems due to the installation of the ground which does not meet the installation conditions.
A reasonable difference between the product and the picture, as well as the color difference between different batch products.
The impression of flooring, scratches, scratches, ironing or accidents caused by the direct contact of carpet or other fabrics on the floor or other materials.
When the heavy furniture is in contact with the floor, the defects of the floor, defects or quality problems are caused by the lack of necessary protection measures.
- chair casters or other heavy load from scratch, defects or quality problems.
Quality problems caused by external factors. The external factors include water leakage, flood, high temperature, fire, and strong direct sunlight.
Application conditions
All defects should be notified to the PVC floor retailer or its sales representative as soon as possible. The product defects reflected by the customer can only be recognized by the authorized representative of the floor of the ground floor or the formally qualified authorized agent. In the case of internal assessment, when the defect is considered reasonable, the company has the right to oppose the product defects reflected by the customer.
compensate for
Under the condition of quality assurance, the scope of the compensation is in conformity with the defects of the PVC floor manufacturer Mei Di company evaluation standard and the PVC floor factory Mei Di company. In any case, the compensation shall not exceed the value of the goods.
Maintenance and maintenance
The PVC floor is a kind of high elastic floor, which is suitable for all kinds of extreme wear-resistant and non maintenance environment. However, in order to make the floor full potential, all you need to do is follow some simple maintenance and maintenance skills, and your floor will look like the new one every year.
The entrance door mat
Before stepping on beautiful PVC floor, recommend the use of outdoor mat to remove any dirt and sand from the shoes.
Clean, dust, or drag ground to clean the dirt and dust on the surface of the floor. Do not use corrosive cleaners or ammonia to clean the floor. A simple method is to use the floor maintenance free washing ground cleaning agent (Wen Hexing) cloth or sponge to wipe, can reach the floor surface cleaning. Please do not use vinegar, polishing agent, wax and oil soluble soap to maintain the plastic floor of PVC stone.
Prevent indentation
Avoid loading heavy objects directly on the floor. The floor is not suitable for the chairs with casters, if must use the chair with casters, please be sure to use protective pad or protective sleeve on the casters to protect the floor. High heels should also be avoided because they may also cause indentation on the surface of the floor.
Prevent scraping
When moving heavy objects through the room, avoid pushing or pulling heavy objects through the floor, it is suggested to move the weight in the way of lifting.
Prevent heat damage
The reality tells us that all types of PVC floors are easily burned by the cigarette head, and the matches burn for scald. When the heating equipment is used, any surface with heat should be avoided directly to the surface of the floor.
Avoid stains
Some products, such as rubber products, may leave permanent stains on the floor surface after long contact with the surface of the floor. Therefore, we should avoid direct contact with the rubber products on the floor surface, for example, the rubber mats on the back, the furniture feet made of rubber and some kinds of rubber bottom shoes.
Avoid discoloration or discoloration
The sunlight and heat of the sun may cause the floor to fade. Therefore, indoor sunlight should be avoided for a long time. It is recommended to use curtains to avoid tarnish caused by prolonged exposure to the floor. Furniture stains may cause some discoloration or dyeing, so the floor surface and the furniture with stains should be avoided. Direct contact with paint or bitumen.
Be careful
The distributors, retailers and sales representatives of the PVC floor company will not be responsible for any loss caused by the above problems or improper installation or misuse or misuse of materials. If you have any questions, please contact your local PVC floor supplier for your purchase.

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