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The advantages of China PVC floor

Writer: pvcflooring Time:2017-12-13 Source :www.sujiaofloor.com,
Primary coverage :Whats the advantage of PVC floor and other floors in order to make it easier for us to know and understand her more clearly: 1, the green environmental protection: PVC floor (plastic floor) the main raw material is the use of PVC, PVC is non

What's the advantage of PVC floor and other floors in order to make it easier for us to know and understand her more clearly:
1, the green environmental protection: PVC floor (plastic floor) the main raw material is the use of PVC, PVC is non-toxic and renewable resource, it has been widely used in people's daily life, such as tableware, medical infusion tube bag, its environmental protection is no need to worry. Among them, the main ingredient of stone plastic floor is natural stone powder, which is detected by the state authorities. It contains no radioactive elements. It is also a new green surface decoration material.

2, ultra light ultra thin: PVC floor (plastic floor) only 2 - 3mm thickness, the weight of only 2 - 3KG per square meter, less than 10% of the ordinary ground material. In the high-rise building, it has unparalleled advantages for the weight bearing and space saving of the building. At the same time, it has a special advantage in the reconstruction of the old building.

3, super strong wear resistance: PVC floor (plastic floor) surface has a special layer of transparent and wear-resistant layer with high technology processing, its wear-resistant transfer number can reach 300000. In the traditional ground material, the wear-resistant wood floor of the more wear-resistant wood floor has only 13000 rotations, and the good fortified floor is only 20000. Super wear-resisting layer with special surface treatment to adequately ensure the ground material has excellent wear resistance, PVC floor (plastic floor) wear resistant surface layer according to the different thickness under normal circumstances can be used for 3 - 5 years, wear-resisting layer thickness determines the PVC floor (plastic floor) using time, standard test results show 0.55mm thick wear-resisting layer ground can be normally used for more than 5 years, 0.7 - 0.8mm plastic ground enough to use 8 to 10 years, so it is super wear-resistant. Because of its super abrasion resistance, PVC flooring (plastic floor) is becoming more and more popular in hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets and transportation facilities where people have larger traffic volume.

4, high elasticity and strong impact resistance: PVC floor (plastic floor) so soft texture is very flexible and has a heavy impact on good elastic recovery, soft elastic sheet flooring is better, the comfortable is called "material soft gold", at the same time with PVC floor (plastic floor) strong impact resistance, for the impact of heavy damage has very strong elastic recovery, no damage. Excellent PVC floor (plastic floor) can greatly reduce the ground damage to the human body, and can be dispersed on the foot of the impact, the new research data show that in the larger flow of people in space pavement excellent PVC floor (plastic floor), the staff fell and injured ratio decreased by nearly 70% compared with the other floor.

5, super slip: PVC floor (plastic floor) surface wear-resisting layer has a special anti-skid, and compared with common ground material, PVC floor (plastic floor) in the sticky water situations. More astringent, but not easy to slide into the water, which is more astringent. Therefore, in the public safety demanding public places, such as airports, hospitals, kindergartens, schools and so on, it can be selected as ground decoration materials, which has been very popular in China in recent years.

6, fire-retardant and flame retardant: the quality of the PVC floor (plastic floor) fire indicators up to B1, B1 is to say that the fire performance is very excellent, second only to the stone. PVC floor (plastic floor) no combustion and to prevent combustion; high quality PVC floor (plastic floor) produced in the passive when ignited smoke will not harm the human body, will not produce toxic or harmful gases caused by the interest of security (according to figures provided by the departments in the fire: 95% people hurt by the smoke produced by burning gas and toxic to).

7, waterproof and moistureproof: PVC floor (plastic floor), because its main component is vinyl resin, and water has no affinity, so its nature is not afraid of water, so long as it is not soaked for a long time, it will not be damaged, and it will not be mildew due to humidity.

8, sound anti noise: PVC floor (plastic floor) have common ground material can not be compared to the effect of absorption, the absorption of up to 20 dB, so in need of a quiet environment such as hospital wards, school libraries, lecture hall, theaters and other PVC floor (plastic floor), you no longer need to tap high heels and the ground sound affects your thinking and vexation, PVC floor (plastic floor) can provide you with a more comfortable, more humane living environment.

9, antibacterial properties: PVC floor (plastic floor) surface after special antibacterial treatment, some excellent performance PVC floor (plastic floor) surface has also increased the antibacterial agent specially, has the strong exterminating ability to the majority of bacteria and the ability of inhibiting the multiplication of bacteria.

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