Business tenet: doing things with sincerity and faith;
Service concept: doing a good job and doing things;
Enterprise goal: a hundred years enterprise, famous brand of tree;
The core of values: people-oriented, customer first;
Principle of value: the value of man is higher than the value of assets.
Team value is higher than personal value.
Spiritual value is higher than material value.
Social value is higher than economic value.
Enterprise spirit:
Love the job and dedication
Our company is a responsible service company. Every employee is responsible for his work. He is responsible for his work. He is responsible for his customers. He is dedicated, and the irresponsible employees will not be accepted by the old butler.
Sincere and trustworthy
Sincere customer is open the door to the key, and is left behind customers home gold, the old housekeeper, every employee must be loyal to the company and to customers.
mutual aid and cooperation
Every employee in our company should cooperate closely, cooperate with colleagues, be responsible for customers, and be responsible for the brand of "old Stewardship", and become a good team. The success of team is truly successful.
Innovation and innovation
We know, in China, the decoration industry in the development stage, our competitors is our own, only innovation can continue to surpass themselves, only to develop can continue to grow and develop, become a leader in the decoration industry, we will carry out technical innovation, management innovation, service innovation, forge the brand first floor industry.

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