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Construction process of sports PVC floor

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Primary coverage :Construction process of sports PVC floor Abstract: 1. the ground must be kept dry, dry and free of cracks. 2. the water content of the concrete ground must not exceed 3%. 3. keep the flatness of the ground: the difference between the ground

Construction process of  sports PVC floor
1. the ground must be kept dry, dry and free of cracks. 2. the water content of the concrete ground must not exceed 3%. 3. keep the flatness of the ground: the difference between the ground surface of the ground surface and the range of 2m ruler is not more than 3mm. 4. the floor of sports wood, composite wood floor, tile, marble and the floor of marbles can be directly paved.

1. Ground detection
1, the use of temperature and hygrometer to detect temperature and humidity, indoor temperature and surface temperature of 15 degrees centigrade, should not be under 5 or more than 30 degrees C. The relative humidity of the construction should be bounded by 20%-75%.
2. The moisture content of the base is detected by the water content tester, and the water content in the base should be less than 3%.
3, the strength of the base should not be lower than the requirement of the concrete strength C-20, otherwise the suitable self leveling should be adopted to strengthen the strength. 4, the hardness tester test results should be the surface hardness of the base is not less than 1.2 MPa.
5, for the construction of PVC flooring, the roughness of the base should be within the range of 2 meters, the difference between high and low is less than 2 mm, otherwise, the proper self leveling should be used for leveling.
Two, floor pretreatment
1, with more than 1000 Watt floor grinding grinding machine with the appropriate floor of the whole grinding, remove paint, glue and other residues, bulge and loose plots, empty plots must be removed.
2, use an industrial vacuum cleaner with no less than 2000 Watts to clean the ground.
3. For cracks on the floor, stainless steel reinforcement and polyurethane waterproof adhesive can be used to repair the surface of quartz sand.
Three, self leveling construction - bottoming
1. The absorbable base, such as concrete and cement mortar leveling layer, should be treated with a multipurpose interface treatment agent to be diluted by 1:1 ratio to water.
2. Non absorbent base, such as tile, terrazzo, marble, etc., suggest the use of dense type.
The surface treatment agent is used to carry out the bottoming.
3, if the base water content is too high (>3%) and need immediate construction, the epoxy interface treatment agent can be used for bottoming treatment, but the premise is that the moisture content of the base should not exceed 8%.
4, the construction of the interface treatment agent should be uniform, without obvious liquid accumulation. After the surface wind drying of the interface treatment agent, the next step of self leveling construction can be carried out.
Four, self leveling construction - mixing
1, a package of self leveling is poured into a mixing bucket with clear water in accordance with the specified water cement ratio, and the side is dumped and stirred.
2. In order to ensure the uniform mixing of self leveling, the electric drill with high power and low speed must be used to mix with a special agitator.
3, stir to the non - lump uniform slurry, the static and mature for about 3 minutes, and then briefly stirring once.
4, the amount of water added should be strictly in accordance with the water cement ratio (please refer to the corresponding self leveling manual). Too little water can affect liquidity. Too much will reduce the strength after curing.
Five, self leveling construction - laying
1, the self leveling slurry mixing well dumped in the floor construction, it will automatically flow and leveling the ground, if the design thickness is less than or equal to mm, it needs a special tooth scraper scraping.
2, shall be followed for the construction personnel wear special spikes, entering the construction ground, with the self leveling roller for deflation in self leveling the surface gently rolling, mixing in the mixed air release, avoid bubble pits and interface height.
3, after the completion of the construction, please close the scene immediately, no walking within 5 hours, 10 hours to avoid the impact of heavy objects, 24 hours after the laying of PVC floor.
4, in winter construction, the floor should be laid for 48 hours after the construction of self leveling.
5, if the self leveling is required to be polished and polished, it should be carried out after 12 hours of self leveling construction.
Six, floor paving, pre laying and cutting
1, whether it is or should be in the bulk material, the placement of more than 24 hours, the reduction of material memory, temperature consistent with the construction site.
2. Use a special trimming machine to cut and clean the edges of the material.
3, the bulk of laying, between two pieces of material should be close to and no seams.
4, when the rolling material is laid, overlapping cutting should be adopted for the lap of two pieces of material, which is generally required to overlap 3 centimeters. Pay attention to the cutting of a knife.
Seven, floor paving - paste
1, choose appropriate glue and scraping board suitable for PVC floor.
2, tiles, one end of the coil will be folded up. First the Qing Ping sweep and roll back, then on the floor above frictioning. 3, block paving, please send the bulk from the middle to both sides turn up, also will be back after cleaning on the ground and floor glue. 4, different paste in the construction requirements will be different, specifically refer to the corresponding product instructions for construction.
Eight, floor paving - exhaust, rolling
1, after the floor is pasted, the floor surface is pushed and pressed with the soft wood block to smooth and squeeze out the air.
2, then use 50 or 75 kilograms of steel roller evenly roll the floor and timely repair the stitching edge of the edge of the situation.
3, the excess glue on the surface of the floor should be cleaned in time.

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